Friday, 5 August 2016

Santorini Moments in Time


Just in case you missed it on my YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, or my previous blog posts, I went to Santorini last month.

I took about a bazillion photos and wanted to share them all with you, but if I did we'd be here until Christmas. Instead here's a little edited selection if you want to see a few snippets from our holiday...

Santorini-9 Santorini-17 Santorini-23 Santorini-34 Santorini-30 Santorini-35 Santorini-3 Santorini-1 Santorini-15 Santorini-8 Santorini-6 Santorini-46 Santorini-12 Santorini-2 Santorini-40 Santorini-16 Santorini-19 Santorini-25 Santorini-33 Santorini-36

I also popped up a little video featuring a few highlights from our holiday if you fancy having a nosy in video format instead...

Have you ever been to Santorini?
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  1. El's Fashion Fix6 August 2016 at 08:25

    Beautiful photos! Santorini looks gorgeous! I would love to visit. I hope that you had a great time lovely :)

    El xx

  2. Wow these photos are amazing! I've wanted to go there for yonks x

  3. what a lovely sight


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