Monday, 6 June 2016

Black White & Grey


Patterned-Joggers-Nike-Thea-9 Patterned-Joggers-Nike-Thea-5 Patterned-Joggers-Nike-Thea-16 Patterned-Joggers-Nike-Thea-6 Patterned-Joggers-Nike-Thea-1 Patterned-Joggers-Nike-Thea-8 Patterned-Joggers-Nike-Thea-4 Patterned-Joggers-Nike-Thea-3 Patterned-Joggers-Nike-Thea-15 Patterned-Joggers-Nike-Thea-2 Patterned-Joggers-Nike-Thea-11
jacket - ZARA
top - ASOS
joggers - TESCO
bag - ASOS
trainers - NIKE THEA via ASOS

Confession time, I wore this outfit in Amsterdam, but as you can probably tell, these photos were not taken in Amsterdam.

I had this big plan to take five sets of outfit photos and have all this outfit content with beautiful backdrops of an amazing city. I failed miserably at this plan. Every day of our trip we were running around trying to fit everything in so we didn't have much time to look for a quiet enough location and spend half an hour shooting an outfit. So basically I failed.

I did want to get this outfit on the blog however so I've just shot it this week at home. I'm sorry that it's not in a major glossy location looking all canal-y and chic. I just wanted to see as much of Amsterdam as possible in a short few days, the same thing happened in Berlin in December. I really need to work on the whole travel-outfit-photo-taking thing. Must. Try. Better. Next. Time.

I will however be posting vlogs, an Amsterdam photo diary and a city guide/Amsterdam must-dos. So it's not all bad I guess!

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  1. Love this outfit I love black & grey outfits and those joggers are really nice xoxo


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