Monday, 9 May 2016

The Blush Dress


ASOS-Pink-Kimono-Sleeve-Dress-4 ASOS-Pink-Kimono-Sleeve-Dress-5 ASOS-Pink-Kimono-Sleeve-Dress-15 ASOS-Pink-Kimono-Sleeve-Dress-7 ASOS-Pink-Kimono-Sleeve-Dress-3 ASOS-Pink-Kimono-Sleeve-Dress-10 ASOS-Pink-Kimono-Sleeve-Dress-2 ASOS-Pink-Kimono-Sleeve-Dress-1 ASOS-Pink-Kimono-Sleeve-Dress-6 ASOS-Pink-Kimono-Sleeve-Dress-12
dress - ASOS
shoes - OFFICE
bag - H&M

I've had this dress on my ASOS wish list for a while, but never had an occasion to wear it, so there it stayed on my wish list for a long 'ol time. 
When it came the time to choose an outfit for a recent wedding I decided to order this dress as one of my options, and oh am I glad I did.
It's a very simple dress but the way the fabric falls and moves makes me feel so elegant and la-di-da! And that is the sign of a great dress if you ask me!

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  1. Ivana Džidić9 May 2016 at 22:41

    you're a vision of beauty and elegance in that blush pink dress!!!!

  2. Such a beautiful dress. I've got a similar one for a friends wedding from New Look, it's more of a rose pink though
    laura x


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