Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Black Dungarees


Black-New-Look-Dungarees-8 Black-New-Look-Dungarees-6 Black-New-Look-Dungarees-17 Black-New-Look-Dungarees-11 Black-New-Look-Dungarees-7 Black-New-Look-Dungarees-2 Black-New-Look-Dungarees-4 Black-New-Look-Dungarees-16 Black-New-Look-Dungarees-3 Black-New-Look-Dungarees-1 Black-New-Look-Dungarees-9 Black-New-Look-Dungarees-18
dungarees - NEW LOOK
jumper - vintage
bandana - EBAY
shoes - FOREVER21

Shooting these photos was one of those times where you can't getting the lighting right, they're out of focus, your hairs in your face etc etc. Basically it took a long time to get these outfit photos! But luckily for me I have a persevering and long suffering photographer (my mum) who is willing to keep going even though things aren't going quite to plan.

What would I do without her eh!

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