Monday, 14 March 2016

Denim Dungarees

H&M-dungarees-14 H&M-dungarees-11 H&M-dungarees-19 H&M-dungarees-5 H&M-dungarees-4 H&M-dungarees-17 H&M-dungarees-6 H&M-dungarees-3 H&M-dungarees-1 H&M-dungarees-12 H&M-dungarees-2 H&M-dungarees-15
dungarees - H&M
polo neck - MANGO via ASOS
scarf - VINTAGE
shoes - CONVERSE

Finally I have managed to shoot this outfit! This is now the third time I have taken these photos and I am finally happy with them. The first two times it was early in the morning in the cold and I looked like I hadn't slept for several years judging by the size of the bags I was carrying. 

I spotted these dungarees on Alex from The Frugality's Instagram a few weeks ago and instantly wanted them. She is officially my new Instagram crush and I pretty much want everything she posts. Instagram is such a dangerous place for me and my bank account. 

Who makes you want to shop on Instagram? 

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  1. The flared dungarees paired with the vintage scarf makes for such a revived look, I just love it!x


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