Monday, 1 February 2016

Seafolly Swimwear Favourites

Seafolly-Inked-Stripe-2 Seafolly-Inked-Stripe-5 Seafolly-Inked-Stripe-3 Seafolly-Kasbah-Bikini-5 Seafolly-Kasbah-Bikini-1 Seafolly-Kasbah-Bikini-3 Seafolly-Fast-Lane-Bikini-4 Seafolly-Fast-Lane-Bikini-1 Seafolly-Field-Trip-Bikini-1 Seafolly-Field-Trip-Bikini-3 Seafolly-Field-Trip-Bikini-4
all bikinis by SEAFOLLY

Ever since I started working for a company that sells swimwear, I have become progressively more and more obsessed with Seafolly. And I think it's an obsession that is going to be sticking around for a loonnnggg time.

Before I started at my job, I had never heard of Seafolly before as I only ever bought high street swimwear from places like H&M, ASOS and Topshop. Seafolly was a bit out of my price range because while they're not as expensive as the likes of Melissa Odabash and Heidi Klein, I do consider them quite expensive. Especially when you're living in a country like England that gets about one hot day a year. If you're living in Australia where the brand was created then I could totally justify spending more on swimwear because I would have frequent opportunity to wear it. But in the UK I tend to stick to cheaper swimwear because I know I won't be wearing it that often. Sadly for my bank account, looking at this swimwear every day made me want it so much and I just had to buy some!

These are four Seafolly bikinis I picked up last year and I absolutely love them. The fit of the swimwear is so comfortable and the material is always so soft and lovely, something I don't think you really get with high street swimwear. I also adore all of the prints of these bikinis, there's just something so fun and fresh about them. 

While they may have set me back a few quid, I definitely think they will last me a few years and I totally think they're worth the money. I now have my eye set on a few more, I just don't know if I can justify them when I'm meant to be moving out this year, what do you think? Spend or save?

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  1. That body is AMAZING woow perfect bikini body.. Haha officially jealous of your body.

    Ese Janta

  2. Love all the different swimsuits, especially since it's cold in most places right now. The first one is my favorite.



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