Monday, 29 February 2016

Suede Lovin'

suede-jacket-17 suede-jacket-10 suede-jacket-7 suede-jacket-3 suede-jacket-19 suede-jacket-6 suede-jacket-11 suede-jacket-14 suede-jacket-4 suede-jacket-2 suede-jacket-16 suede-jacket-5 suede-jacket-15
jacket - VINTAGE
shirt - TOPSHOP
boots - OFFICE
hat - NEW LOOK

I am obsessed with this jacket. OBSESSED I tell you! I got it back in December at the Clothes Show in Birmingham at the Blue Rinse Vintage stand as a Christmas present from my mum and since I got my hands on it after Christmas I have worn it so much. 

It's got that perfect amount of slouch, is super soft and easy to just chuck on with everything. It really is love. I wish I could get my hands on Blue Rinse Vintage more regularly throughout the year because everything I have ever bought from there I love. If only I lived near Leeds or Manchester so I could visit their shops! Or open a shop down South? Pretty please?

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Monday, 22 February 2016

A Little Pinterest Home-spiration

interiors-3 interiors-5 interiors-2 interiors-6 interiors-4 interiors-7 interiors-1

I don't really post much about interiors because in all honesty, I haven't had too much to do with them in the past because I've never really decorated anywhere apart from my own bedroom. And even that is pretty small so there's not much to work with.

But if you follow me on Twitter then you may know that me and Luke are currently searching for our first home together and I could not even explain how excited I am. We've been together around 6 years, so it's about bladdy time we got our own place, and thankfully we are finally in a position where we can start looking. There isn't much on the market at the moment but I am on Zoopla and Rightmove every day checking, so hopefully something lovely comes up soon!

Until then I am spending my days on Pinterest dreaming of the decorating I can do when I finally have a house so I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite pins I've stumbled upon.

The main problem I'm having right now is that I'm an incredibly impatient person, I just want a house right now to start doing up and making mine!

Oh and you can check out everything I've been pinning here.

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Friday, 12 February 2016

Valentine's Day Get Ready With Me


Fancy watching a person who's not particularly skilled at applying make up attempt to beautify themselves for the annual day of love? Then step right up because I have just the video for you!

Watch me super speedily get ready for a date night out this V Day in my new video! And yes I can do my makeup that fast, it's totally not sped up or anything *wink wink*

While this may be my 'get ready with me', this probably isn't how I'm going to spend my actual Valentine's Day, mine will probably be spent sitting at home, in cosy joggers, eating and watching TV together. But that's what love's all about right? Being able to do absolutely nothing together and be happy about it? 

For all links and shizz etc etc just click to watch on YouTube to see the full list of all the goop I've put on my face.

Happy Valentine's Day, sending love and hugs to you all!

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My Worldwide Travel Bucket List


A couple of weeks ago I compiled my European Travel Bucket List of all the places I want to visit and re-visit in Europe. But obviously my travel wanderlust doesn't stop there, I want to see the whole world! (Well a fair bit of it anyway).

So today I have put together a little list of some of the places across this beautiful planet of ours that I would like to see one day...

       - Iceland
         I absolutely need to see the Northern Lights at least once in my life, and I'd love to go to that
         famous geothermal natural pool!
       - The Maldives
         It's probably the ultimate place for luxury beach resorts and I need to experience that kinda
         luxury at some point, maybe I should start saving for a honeymoon treat?
       - Japan
         Despite being very technologically advanced and modern Japan is such a completely different
         country in terms of way of life to the UK so it would be interesting to see how they live and the
         bright lights of Tokyo! I'd also love to see the beautiful blossom trees. And obviously Mulan
         was my favourite Disney film so I'd have to see where she came from, I mean it's a must right?
         I've got to see if I can raise Mushu from the spirit world to help me on my adventures! (Non-
         Disney fans must be thinking I've totally lost it now)
       - Australia
         It's a bit bladdy far away but it's got to be seen hasn't it, Bondi Beach, Ayers Rock, Sydney
         Harbour Bridge and so much more. The only thing is I'd need some sort of spider forcefield
         around me because I couldn't not deal with some of the beasts they have lurking around every
       - New Zealand
         Pretty much everyone I know who has been travelling has said New Zealand was their favourite
         place, so naturally I need to find out what the fuss is all about. Also, my mum is currently
         enjoying her second trip there, take me with you next time!
       - African Safari
         Although the idea scares me, I have always wanted to go on an African Safari to see the animals
         in their natural habitat. I'm such a huge fan of the zoo so it would be awesome to see the
         animals out in the wild!
       - Mexico
         I need to hit up those beautiful sands of Cancun and see the ancient Mayan ruins!
       - Morocco
         I imagine myself like Carrie Bradshaw dashing through the market in my huge dress and
         inappropriate footwear (yes I know that was set in Abu Dhabi, but you catch my drift), all super
         glam. I don't think it would actually be quite like that but I'd love to wander through the markets
         and stay in a beautiful palm tree, tile-lined oasis.
       - Russia - Moscow & St Petersburg
         You can blame this one on my love for the movie Anastasia.
       - Thailand
         Everyone goes here. Everyone. I need to be one of those everyones at some point. See what all
         the hype is about.
       - Dubai
         Blame this one on my love for TOWIE and browsing the Daily Mail. Come on, we all do it
       - Jamaica
         I've been to Barbados and wasn't completely sold, so it would be cool to check out another
         Caribbean island to see how it measures up.
       - Cuba
         Gotta love those retro cars.
       - The Bahamas
         If you're around my age, you'll know why I want to go here. 4 words. Holiday In The Sun. 'Buff
         said. Mary-Kate & Ashley were the original style idols of my tween years, wherever they went,
         I need to go.

And a couple I would love to see again...

       - Canada - Alberta & British Columbia. I went on a road trip holiday with my parents for my
         mum's 50th birthday back when I was 15, and I spent the majority of the holiday in the hotel
         room or the car, refusing to get out because in my words 'I've seen one tree and a mountain, why
         do I need to see any more?' Oh how wrong I was! This holiday is probably one of my biggest
         regrets because I completely wasted the experience with my sullen teenager-ishness. I would
         love to go back and do it all again to soak it all in properly.
       - The Caribbean. Back in 2011 me and my mum spent a week in Barbados, and then a week
         travelling around the Caribbean islands on a whistle stop tour. We had just one day each in St  
         Lucia, St Martin/St Maarten, St Thomas, Puerto Rico & St Kitts. Definitely not enough to
         explore all there is to see. Again, it would be great to go back and spend more time in several of
         these places and see what they really have to offer. Top of my list would be St Lucia.

You may notice I haven't included anywhere from the USA on this ol' bucket list of mine, I figured there's so many places I'd love to see and re-visit in this awesome country that I would dedicate a whole post to it! Although I do realise that I have used a picture of the USA at the top of this post, I couldn't find any of my Caribbean pictures to use so that one will have to do I'm afraid. So expect to see another bucket list from me in a couple of weeks in the form of the great states of America!

Have you been to any of these places? Or are there any you would recommend going to that I haven't mentioned?

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Monday, 8 February 2016

Denim Culottes


This weekend was not the one for outfit photos, I've had so much to do and the wind has been ridiculous! And it's supposed to be even worse tomorrow. During the Winter it's so difficult to get outfit photos because there's literally only the weekends to do it if you work full time, and if the weather isn't in your favour, it ain't gon' happen! Yet more reasons why Summer is the absolute best.
So instead of an outfit, I thought I would give you a little preview of a lookbook I'm working on for my YouTube channel. I don't want to reveal the title of the lookbook just yet, so keep your eyes peeled in a couple of weeks to see what I'm up to in this outfit!

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

California Road Trip Video


I know I went to California way back in September, but due to all the problems I had with my laptop and then wanting to post other more relevant videos for Christmas etc, I've only just been able to start working on my vlogs. I've had a few people ask me when I was going to put them up, so they are finally going to start being uploaded!
To begin with I thought I would put together a short overview of our time with one of our favourite songs of last year. So this video is just a little preview of what is to come! You can either watch it below or click over to watch it on YouTube.
I'm going to upload each of my vlogs on Sundays at 6pm, with my normal weekly video on a Wednesday at 6pm. The first one is going up tonight so if you're reading this after 6pm, it will now be up on my channel!
Get me back to California!

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Slouchy Knits & Pointed Boots

cream-jumper-red-bandana-7 cream-jumper-red-bandana-6 cream-jumper-red-bandana-12 cream-jumper-red-bandana-4 cream-jumper-red-bandana-3 cream-jumper-red-bandana-5 cream-jumper-red-bandana-1 cream-jumper-red-bandana-2 cream-jumper-red-bandana-8 cream-jumper-red-bandana-10
jumper - H&M
boots - ASOS
bandana - EBAY

It's time for my first outfit of 2016 actually taken in the cold UK, no more sunny Cape Verde, just dreary old England! 
I have been absolutely wearing this jumper to death this Autumn/Winter, it's the cosiest jumper ever. The perfect amount of slouch, not itchy wool and goes with everything. I even bought it in 3 colours because I loved it that much! You can't really go wrong with H&M knitwear, it's always so good and not very expensive in my opinion. The only problem I'm having is fitting it all in my drawers!
To make the outfit more dressed up I paired the casual jumper with a killer pair of boots I picked up a while ago from ASOS. I love the shape of these, and they're nothing like anything else I own so when I saw them on the website I snapped them up immediately!
Also, apologies for my windswept look, the wind just wasn't my best friend that day!
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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Netflix Reviews: How To Get Away With Murder

I know the current Netflix hype is all about 'Making A Murderer', and while I have watched almost the whole of it (currently have one episode to go), today I want to chat to you about another murder show on Netflix that has been tickling my pickle...


Back in December me and my mum were having a TV night in and decided to watch a bit of Netflix. Recently both of us have been getting into murder and crime movies and TV shows so I suggested we try How To Get Away With Murder. I'd seen it mentioned a few places across the internet, read a few articles about it, and decided it looked like it was worth a try.

That try turned out to be a very good decision indeed! It is probably one of the most compelling and exciting shows I've watched in a long time. It's so freakin' good!

The show is based around a law lecturer and her college class entitled 'How To Get Away With Murder'. Viola Davis as this lawyer, Annalise Keating, is absolutely superb. She's tough but vulnerable and incredibly intelligent. If you really were going down for murder, you'd want her on your side.

At the start of the series she takes several of her students under her wing and in the rest of the episodes they join Annalise at her law office and work on cases she takes on. I'm also a huge fan of Suits so this part of How To Get Away With Murder was totally up my street, I love seeing how the lawyers work things out to get a conviction or get the person acquitted. I wish my mind worked that fast and could put all the facts together!

Underlying the individual episode stories are a series of flash forwards to a murder that has been committed, which gradually are brought up to speed with the other timeline so that they begin to make sense. While these flash forwards/flash backs (depending on which timeline you consider the main story) can be slightly confusing to begin with, it all starts to make more sense by the second or third episode. I really don't want to give any of it away by saying any more!

It's one of those great series that every episode ends on a cliffhanger and leaves you wanting more. There are so many twists and turns and it keeps you guessing until the very end, I never would have thought of the conclusion of it. It's just so good!

I honestly can't sing the praises of this show enough, it's just brilliant. I raved about it so much at work that it convinced my friend Zoe to binge watch it over the course of a couple of days, she's now a massive fan too. I also think I may have persuaded a couple of my other friends over the weekend to try watching it too. So basically I'm trying to get everyone that hasn't watched it to try it. I promise you won't be disappointed if you do! 

Have you watched it already? Or are you thinking of giving it a go now?

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Seafolly Swimwear Favourites

Seafolly-Inked-Stripe-2 Seafolly-Inked-Stripe-5 Seafolly-Inked-Stripe-3 Seafolly-Kasbah-Bikini-5 Seafolly-Kasbah-Bikini-1 Seafolly-Kasbah-Bikini-3 Seafolly-Fast-Lane-Bikini-4 Seafolly-Fast-Lane-Bikini-1 Seafolly-Field-Trip-Bikini-1 Seafolly-Field-Trip-Bikini-3 Seafolly-Field-Trip-Bikini-4
all bikinis by SEAFOLLY

Ever since I started working for a company that sells swimwear, I have become progressively more and more obsessed with Seafolly. And I think it's an obsession that is going to be sticking around for a loonnnggg time.

Before I started at my job, I had never heard of Seafolly before as I only ever bought high street swimwear from places like H&M, ASOS and Topshop. Seafolly was a bit out of my price range because while they're not as expensive as the likes of Melissa Odabash and Heidi Klein, I do consider them quite expensive. Especially when you're living in a country like England that gets about one hot day a year. If you're living in Australia where the brand was created then I could totally justify spending more on swimwear because I would have frequent opportunity to wear it. But in the UK I tend to stick to cheaper swimwear because I know I won't be wearing it that often. Sadly for my bank account, looking at this swimwear every day made me want it so much and I just had to buy some!

These are four Seafolly bikinis I picked up last year and I absolutely love them. The fit of the swimwear is so comfortable and the material is always so soft and lovely, something I don't think you really get with high street swimwear. I also adore all of the prints of these bikinis, there's just something so fun and fresh about them. 

While they may have set me back a few quid, I definitely think they will last me a few years and I totally think they're worth the money. I now have my eye set on a few more, I just don't know if I can justify them when I'm meant to be moving out this year, what do you think? Spend or save?

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