Monday, 18 January 2016

The Palm Tree Playsuit

Cape-Verde-H&M-Palm-Print-Playsuit-1 Cape-Verde-H&M-Palm-Print-Playsuit-17 Cape-Verde-H&M-Palm-Print-Playsuit-13 Cape-Verde-H&M-Palm-Print-Playsuit-16 Cape-Verde-H&M-Palm-Print-Playsuit-5 Cape-Verde-H&M-Palm-Print-Playsuit-12 Cape-Verde-H&M-Palm-Print-Playsuit-9 Cape-Verde-H&M-Palm-Print-Playsuit-11 Cape-Verde-H&M-Palm-Print-Playsuit-4 Cape-Verde-H&M-Palm-Print-Playsuit-2
playsuit - H&M

I spotted this playsuit last summer on PopSugar and straight away I wanted it. I went online convinced that they wouldn't have it in stock in my size, but to my surprise they did, so I swiftly clicked to checkout and made it mine!
The only problem I had when it arrived was the sizing of it. I'm a bit bigger on top than I am on the bottom so this fit like a glove on my bum, but was super tight across the top and gave me the dreaded boob-fat-hanging-over look. Luckily Sewing-Mum came to the rescue and figured out a solution for me, so if you look at the picture of the back of the playsuit you can see where my mum removed the zip, put a shorter one in, and added a few button-up tabs to keep it done up. What would I do without her eh! No going to an expensive tailor for me, mum can almost always figure out a solution to make an outfit fit! 

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  1. This is such a nice playsuit! Love the quirkiness of the palm/tropical print, perfect for summer/holidays :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. I don't think I could pull off this playsuit but this outfit looks amazing on you, it's perfect for your figure! Gahh you own it girl!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally


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