Monday, 11 January 2016

Red Stripes & A Fedora

cape-verde-red-stripe-dress-21 cape-verde-red-stripe-dress-8 cape-verde-red-stripe-dress-19 cape-verde-red-stripe-dress-4 cape-verde-red-stripe-dress-3 cape-verde-red-stripe-dress-17 cape-verde-red-stripe-dress-7 cape-verde-red-stripe-dress-2 cape-verde-red-stripe-dress-13 cape-verde-red-stripe-dress-1 cape-verde-red-stripe-dress-15
hat - ASOS
body chain - RIVER ISLAND via ASOS

Way back in October I went away with my mum to the sunny island of Sal, Cape Verde. When I posted my first blog about my trip to California back in November I mentioned that I was going to put up these outfit posts from Cape Verde afterwards, and the time is finally here! I'm so behind on all my posts it's ridiculous, but I really like all the outfit photos I shot in Cape Verde so I don't want to miss out on posting them.
So for the next several posts there will be some decidedly summery outfits! I just wish I was still in the sun instead of the miserable wet and cold British weather. Hurry up Summer, I've had enough of Winter already!
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  1. You look fabulous, I love the dress and your hat. Your eye make up looks fantastic too! I've never actually bought anything from River Island, might have to check it out!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally


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