Friday, 22 January 2016

Ocean Blue

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shorts - SEAFOLLY
jumper - SEAFOLLY
hat - ASOS

Please excuse the bright red blob on my face formerly known as my nose. Once again I managed to get burnt on this holiday. I swear I always cover myself in sun cream but somehow find a way to burn somewhere. Big. Fat. Fail.
Aside from that tomato, I adore this beachwear from Seafolly. As soon as I spotted these two bits, I needed them in my life. The jumper is so slouchy and cosy, perfect for that early evening time at the beach when the sun is going down and you start to feel a bit chilled where your skin has been in the hot sun all day. And the I just love the geometric print and fit of these shorts. Two new faves that I can't wait to wear again this summer! 
Seafolly is my new go-to swimwear and beachwear brand. Pretty much everything they bring out is gorgeous, I totally wish I lived in Australia so I could wear their bikinis and swimsuits all the time!

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  1. LOVE the jumper and shorts! I haven't really followed up with Seafolly for ages because I didn't like what they were bringing out but it seems they're getting it right again!

    I always forget to put sunscreen on one shoulder, it's so easy to get burnt it's ridiculous!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally


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