Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My European Travel Bucket List


Back in December me and Luke went on our first ever long weekend European city break, and ever since then I can't stop thinking about going on another one. In the past I've been on a few city breaks with my mum, but I'd never been on one with Luke before we went to Berlin. After having such an awesome time I definitely think we need to start planning the next one!

There are so many cities that I'd love to go to, and when so many are only an hour or two flight away, I really want to start exploring more of what's pretty much on our doorstep. I've started compiling quite a list, so here are the next few I'd like to jump on a plane to;

             - Copenhagen
             - Milan
             - Florence
             - Prague
             - Lisbon
             - Frankfurt
             - Stockholm
             - Budapest
             - Vienna

And these are a few I've been to before but I'd love to revisit with Luke;

             - Paris
               Me and Luke have both been to Paris separately but it would be great to experience it again 
             - Barcelona
               I went to Barcelona in 2014 and it was gorgeous, you can check out my vlogs here, and 
             - Rome
               I've been to Rome twice, once with my mum, and then with my uni, and it is honestly one of 
               my most favourite cities ever. I'd love to be able to share it with Luke.
             - Venice
               Another one that I visited with my mum, and again I adored it. It's just so unique and is the 
               perfect place to get lost. You basically walk everywhere as there aren't any cars and find 
               yourself winding through the maze of little streets and never finding the same one again. It's 
               an incredible place.
             - Amsterdam
               I visited Amerstadm with my college and I can't say it was one of the best weeks of my life 
               (read - one of my most miserable weeks ever), but I loved the city itself. My misery was 
               mainly down to the fact we stayed in the worst place ever (the Hans Brinker hotel), I don't 
               do the whole 'coffee' shop thing and most of my roommates did, I had just started dating 
               Luke and he wasn't replying to my messages (totally girly reason but nonetheless totally the 
               truth), and it was a very late to bed situation and 8am registration for college (this girl likes 
               her sleep). So all in all it was the environment I was in that I disliked, so I'd love to re-
               experience such a beautiful place in an environment I would enjoy!

This year is definitely the year I've got the travelling bug! If only I had unlimited funds and unlimited days off work! Have you travelled many European cities?

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