Monday, 25 January 2016

Floral Red

cape-verde-motel-savannah-dress-1 cape-verde-motel-savannah-dress-8 cape-verde-motel-savannah-dress-5 cape-verde-motel-savannah-dress-7 cape-verde-motel-savannah-dress-4 cape-verde-motel-savannah-dress-2
dress - MOTEL
hat - ASOS
shoes - NEW LOOK

These photos proved pretty hard to take because of the lighting but I adore this dress so I thought I would post them even though the light is a bit weird on my face!
In 2014 I bought this dress from Motel in red, and after that had my eye on the other colours of it for ages. Then when they went into sale last year I picked up two more, this one and a blue floral one for less than twenty quid each, bargain! They're such easy dresses to just throw on on a hot day. This is the dress that I wore to San Diego Zoo, aka as one of the hottest days of my entire life. I think the loose fit of this dress is the only reason I didn't melt!
Motel don't seem to still have this dress colourway but they do have the dress still in stock in a few other colours, so if it takes your fancy then just search for 'Savannah' on their website!
Trust me, it's the perfect summer dress for a hot day, or for when you're trying to hide a food baby!

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  1. A dress that hides a food baby... I'm IN! xx

  2. I bet the blue one is also amazing!
    It's such a nice dress to match with anything!!

    Kaylee | JK's Dawn

  3. so cute! love the sandals paired with this dress!


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