Tuesday, 14 July 2015


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top - NEW LOOK
jeans - ASOS
shoes - NEW LOOK
necklace - RIVER ISLAND
lipstick - TOPSHOP RIO RIO

Finally a new outfit post! And a new layout to boot! I have spent so so long deliberating about whether to buy a template to redesign my blog but in the end I decided I just needed to bite the bullet. I had seen so many people using and saying how great Pipdig are so that was my immediate port of call. The cost of a premade template from Pipdig is also so affordable!
But I became so indecisive and have probably spent months looking on the website and changing my mind about which template I wanted. Again I finally decided this month I just needed to bite the bullet and picked one. So hopefully you like it too! Thanks so much to Pipdig for all your help and your amazing template! I really would 100% recommend using them if you want to get an affordable refresh for your blog.
I've also had a re-jig of my header. The Robin bird absolutely had to stay but I've gone for a more script-y font and a big of colour this time.
After over two years with the same layout and design, I think it was about time for a change and I'm really happy with how it turned out! 

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