Monday, 22 June 2015


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jumpsuit - ASOS
bag - ZARA

Does anyone else have things in their ASOS saved items for months because they can't quite commit to buying them just yet? I do. This jumpsuit was one of the said items.
As soon as it came into the new in section I added it to my saved items. It stayed there for quite a while, coming in and out of stock, with me giving up hope on it sometimes, thinking 'oh I should have bought it when it was in stock!'. I do this a lot on ASOS, some things never come back into stock and then I majorly regret not buying them when I had the chance. I try to restrain the impulse buyer in me and sometimes it backfires.
Then at the start of the month this came back in stock and I decided, screw it, I'm getting it! And I don't regret my choice one little bit!
The bag and shoes are also new. The bag is from Luke for my birthday and it's totally up my street right now. I'm just worried about damaging it because it's such soft suede! 
I also bought the shoes the other week when browsing River Island with a birthday voucher I had. I know I haven't shown them properly here but I'll include them in more detail in another post.
I'm justifying these purchases by the fact that it's my birthday month, I gotta buy myself new things right?!

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  1. omg this looks absolutely incredible on you! SRSLY! OMG! x

  2. thanks lovely! after I saw you rocking it on your blog I immediately had to have it! x


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