Wednesday, 24 June 2015



Hands up if you think Netflix is one of the best things since sliced bread *raises hand*. Seriously how did we cope before Netflix? Well I guess we had Blockbuster, and I genuinely miss going down to my local one for a treat on a Friday night and spending ages browsing the titles before picking 'the one'. And then the panic to get it back on time! Wait what was I talking about? Oh right, back to Netflix! Now we're just so lazy we do all this browsing from the comfort of our own home! And I am definitely one of those people that browses for ages and can't decide what to watch. It was literally the best thing ever when they introduced add to my list option, before that you could never remember what you found 15 minutes ago in the 'because you watched spongebob squarepants' section now you're 5 minutes deep in browsing the 'films with a strong female lead' section. Seriously who comes up with these names for sections?!
Anyway the point of this post is what is currently on my Netflix list! At work we started a Netflix club where each week one of our team picks a film and then the following week we say if we liked it or not and then someone else chooses a new film. It's actually such a fun thing to do because I've watched films I wouldn't normally watch. But as a result of all this browsing, my list has grown a lot, and I haven't had the time to watch it all. So these are the titles currently waiting to be watched in my Netflix queue.
Have you seen any of these films or TV series? I can't decide what I want to watch next! 

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Monday, 22 June 2015


seventiesdenimjumpsuit18 seventiesdenimjumpsuit4 seventiesdenimjumpsuit12 seventiesdenimjumpsuit5 seventiesdenimjumpsuit17 seventiesdenimjumpsuit10 seventiesdenimjumpsuit9 seventiesdenimjumpsuit2 seventiesdenimjumpsuit14 tansuedefringebag seventiesdenimjumpsuit8 seventiesdenimjumpsuit19
jumpsuit - ASOS
bag - ZARA

Does anyone else have things in their ASOS saved items for months because they can't quite commit to buying them just yet? I do. This jumpsuit was one of the said items.
As soon as it came into the new in section I added it to my saved items. It stayed there for quite a while, coming in and out of stock, with me giving up hope on it sometimes, thinking 'oh I should have bought it when it was in stock!'. I do this a lot on ASOS, some things never come back into stock and then I majorly regret not buying them when I had the chance. I try to restrain the impulse buyer in me and sometimes it backfires.
Then at the start of the month this came back in stock and I decided, screw it, I'm getting it! And I don't regret my choice one little bit!
The bag and shoes are also new. The bag is from Luke for my birthday and it's totally up my street right now. I'm just worried about damaging it because it's such soft suede! 
I also bought the shoes the other week when browsing River Island with a birthday voucher I had. I know I haven't shown them properly here but I'll include them in more detail in another post.
I'm justifying these purchases by the fact that it's my birthday month, I gotta buy myself new things right?!

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Friday, 19 June 2015


frenchconnectionredeveningdress8 frenchconnectionredeveningdress4 frenchconnectionredeveningdress2 frenchconnectionredeveningdress7 frenchconnectionredeveningdress3 frenchconnectionredeveningdress1 frenchconnectionredeveningdress5 frenchconnectionredeveningdress10

Every girl needs the perfect LBD, LWD and LRD in their wardrobe. This is my perfect LRD (little red dress).
Back in 2013 when I graduated I spent ages looking around for the perfect dress. The only problem for me was I found two perfect dresses in French Connection. In the end I opted for this one, which in hindsight I am glad for as it was pretty cold in November so the long sleeves kept me a little warmer! But this red one also stole my heart and I was gutted I couldn't get both. As an unemployed graduate I did not have over £200 to be spending on two dresses. 
However my wonderful mum bought me the red one for Christmas the month after graduation! I was so happy to have it but I rarely have the opportunity to wear nice dresses. So when my birthday came around this year and we were off to Liverpool I decided it was the perfect opportunity to save this dress from the depths of my wardrobe. 
I meant to get photos in Liverpool of it but there really wasn't the time, so instead here I am donning it in front of my garage. Glam eh!

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015



denim skirt
I think my days of Hollister denim mini skirts (belt sized pieces of clothing pretending to be skirts) are over. I'm all about the longer length denim now! Luke bought me the mid wash version of this for my birthday and now I have some money on an ASOS voucher, I think I need to make this dark wash denim number mine too.

My felt fedoras aren't the perfect choice for the warmer weather so I've got my eyes on the straw variety instead. This is my current fave and at only £15 it's an absolute steal. The only question is what size will fit my rather large head?

pink heels
I'm all about the pointed toe at the moment and I'm in love with these, they would be perfect to fill the pink shoe sized hole in my collection. I mean you gotta have shoes in every colour right?

nike trainers
These are the trainers Lily Melrose linked to in her recent packing video and I really want them! My shoe obsession doesn't just confine itself to heels unfortunately for my bank account.

I don't wear sunglasses enough but I sure do like buying them. I'm desperate to get my hands on a pair of the Quay My Girl black frames with the blue lenses but can't seem to find them in stock anywhere, so instead these are top of my sunglasses wish list at the moment.

stripe t-shirt two pack
Stripes are one of my (many) current listings and these casual, just chuck it on, tees look perfect for a slouchy weekend vibe.

Simple but adorable, I absolutely love necklaces like this.

strappy cami
I need more camis in my life and I love this one as it shows a hint of skin and is super feminine.

floral rain mac
This is what I imagine I would go to a festival in, is festivals were my thing that is. But regardless of that I've wanted a sheer mac for ages and this one is right up my street. I don't want to hope for rain or anything but I feel like I could totally rock this walking the dog in the rain sometime!

So there's a little insight into what I'm lusting after on ASOS right now, what have you got in your saved items?

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Monday, 15 June 2015


floraljumpsuit6 floraljumpsuit12 floraljumpsuit8 floraljumpsuit20 floraljumpsuit17 floraljumpsuit4 floraljumpsuit15 floraljumpsuit21 floraljumpsuit22 floraljumpsuit3 floraljumpsuit16 floraljumpsuit23 floraljumpsuit1

Yet another example/reason why I'm obsessed with Miss Selfridge this season is this floral jumpsuit. It's love I tell ya! If someone could just supply me with an unlimited spending spree in Miss Selfridge right now that would be much appreciated!
I wore this up in Liverpool but didn't get the chance to take any photos of it so I've had to settle for photos at home. I don't normally shoot in the sunlight and am always on the hunt for some shade but I felt like this light was perfect to show off this jumpsuit today. I'm definitely going to try changing up the light I take photos in from now on! 

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Friday, 5 June 2015


pinstripeblue9 pinstripeblue4 pinstripeblue10 pinstripeblue3 pinstripeblue7 pinstripeblue5 pinstripeblue2 pinstripeblue1 pinstripeblue6
shirt - TOPSHOP
trousers - RIVER ISLAND
shoes - PRIMARK

As I write this I am travelling up to Liverpool for an early birthday weekend away so I'm just gonna keep it short and sweet today!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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