Monday, 27 April 2015


suededress6 suededress3 suededress7 suededress1 suededress5 suededress2 suededress9 suededress4 suededress8
dress - TK MAXX
polo neck - MANGO via ASOS
shoes - NEW LOOK (super old)
bag - EBAY
hat - NEW LOOK

Taking photos of this outfit was ridiculously hard, so these are the best of the bunch of me trying to keep my hat on! I swear there's never any breeze until the camera comes out and BAM, gale force winds! 
It's currently that in-between weather when it's too cold to go all out summer-y, but warm enough to sometimes chance getting your legs out, so I decided to pair my new TK Maxx find with a polo neck to give me a little bit of warmth. I feel the cold a bit too much to be putting it all out there in April! I've got another idea in my head of how to style this dress but I think that's gonna have to wait until it warms up before that idea makes an appearance on the blog!

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