Saturday, 14 March 2015


Vine is somewhere that I can lose an hour or two just scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and finding new and great things. There's something so perfect about only having six seconds to show off something. Whether that be a comedy video, dancing or singing, it's such a short space of time so getting it right and engaging can be pretty hard. Well I think it seems it anyway! I seriously wish I was funny enough to make comedy vines #lifegoals. In the vein of adding different types on content to my blog I thought that I would share with you some of my current favourite viners!

Avery Wilson
This guy is the viner in the picture above and I think he's amazing. His vines are of him singing and his voice is just incredible. Not to mention his teeth are beaute, gotta love good teeth! I only wish he had YouTube videos as well so there were full songs to listen to! 

Arron Crascall
For me, this guy is a local as he lives around half an hour away from where I do, which makes his vines all the more relatable and funny for me to watch. As I just said funny I'm sure you can guess that he does comedy vines! My favourite of his vines are the #seeyalater ones, check him out to see what I'm talking about, they just make me laugh so much!

Marcus Perez
This guy is a recent discovery for me, I found him when scrolling through popular vines and just thought he was so good! He's a beatboxer and they always impress me because I have no idea how they're able to do it. I find it even more amazing when they can include some singing in the midst of it, and he can totally do it all!  

Armon and Trey
These two are just bloody adorable. They're singers and they have separate accounts but they revine each other's stuff anyway so they're pretty similar accounts. Beautiful voices and so damn cute, check them out if that's yo kinda thang!

Marcus Johns
Probably one of the first viners I ever discovered. He mostly does comedy but he also can sing and play the piano. Why aren't I that talented! Oh life. Anyway back to him, he's hilarious. My favourite vines of his are probably his 'sometimes I just don't care' ones, I would never have the balls to do some of the things he does, so so funny. He's got this young, cute Jim Carrey thing going on so give him a watch if you love that kind of humour!

And finally, my favourite vine in general that I've seen has to be this one. It just makes me laugh every single time. 

If there's any viners you love and would recommend, I'd love to hear them! 

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