Tuesday, 24 March 2015


khakihightop12 khakihightop8 khakihightop4 khakihightop11 khakihightop7 khakihightop2 khakihightop15 khakihightop3 khakihightop10
hat - french market
jumper - H&M
jeans - ASOS
trainers - NIKE

A little while ago I showed off my new black high top Nike trainers. This week I decided it was high time (high time for high tops... geddit? oh bad jokes! sorry about that!) I showed off my khaki green pair I bought at the same time as the black ones! I do love a bit of green in my life, so I had to have these when I saw them. 
I paired them with some cosy pieces for the weekend as it was so bloomin' cold! I thought it was supposed to be Spring now, hasn't anyone told the British weatherman? It's not meant to be this cold still, blog photos are becoming a bit of a pain as it's too cold to stand outside for too long. Even though the nights are getting longer so there are more daylight hours to shoot in, it's near impossible to be outside sometimes! Sometimes I have considered not bothering for a week or two until it gets warmer. But then I change my mind and decide I want to do photos so I'm gonna have to grin and bear it somehow. Does anyone else feel like this at the moment?

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  1. Absolutely adore that hat!


    p.s. you could win a pair of thigh high boots in my giveaway!


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