Thursday, 26 February 2015


longlineblazer7 longlineblazer3 longlineblazer4 longlineblazer2 longlineblazer6 longlineblazer1 longlineblazer5 longlineblazer8
blazer - ASOS
shirt - ASDA
shoes - PRIMARK

I said I was going to do 5 posts a week Mon-Fri and I've already missed on yesterday. What can I say, I got too wrapped up in the Brits! That Madonna fall was just awful wasn't it! 
As I failed to put up a post yesterday I'm gonna try and get one up on Saturday instead so watch out for that!
Just a short and sweet post today as I'm about to get my hair trimmed by my mum. I seriously need to find a cheap but good hairdresser asap! I just don't wanna pay loads for a haircut when I'm barely getting anything done, I ain't about paying £50-£60 to get me ends trimmed! Is that just me? What do you consider a fair price for a haircut?

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