Monday, 16 February 2015


tartantrousers2 tartantrousers7 tartantrousers3 tartantrousers10 tartantrousers6 tartantrousers4 tartantrousers1 tartantrousers8 tartantrousers5 tartantrousers11
denim shirt - PAIGE DENIM
leopard shirt - H&M
trouser - H&M
tshirt - TOPSHOP
necklace - RIVER ISLAND

Not the greatest ever photos but I was at my last resort, getting up early before work and taking blog photos. If you know me, you will know how much I hate mornings so this really was a struggle for me this morning!
I haven't posted anything on my blog in almost two weeks and its been over two weeks since I last posted an outfit so I had to resort to desperate measures to get some outfit photos done for today. As I work full time I have to take all my photos at the weekend. Two weekends ago it was so cold I couldn't bear to stand outside for any period of time, hence no photos. Then last weekend I spent 90% of my weekend in bed with a stinking cold (not a great look for photos), and then this weekend I was in Southampton and Portsmouth so didn't have any time for photos. So this week I am resorting to taking any photos I can in the mornings before work, so fingers crossed I can have a couple of good mornings to take photos! If I can manage at least 3 outfits I'll be relatively happy!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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