Saturday, 28 February 2015



I'm sorry for the useless picture, I totally forgot I wanted to put together this post until about half an hour ago so I've just taken a quick and rubbish snap. Must do better next time!
As I missed putting a post together on Wednesday because I was too wrapped up watching The Brits I promised I would put up a post today. I'm just about scraping into the last hour of Saturday so I think it still counts. In my effort to put some content on my blog other than outfits and my YouTube videos I thought a quite fitting post would be about my current music loves seeing as I was watching The Brits the other day. So here are a couple of tunes I can't stop listening to...

I heard this for the first time on the radio the other day and thought oh that's quite good. Then scrolling on Vine a little later I spotted a clip of Nick Jonas singing it with a gospel choir. I went straight onto YouTube and found my new fave song. Annoyingly its not the full song but it's so damn good!

I adore Avicii. I was hooked when I heard Levels, then bought the True album and loved the entirety of that. So obviously I was gonna love this. I love this being on the radio on my way to work in the mornings because it really pumps me up for the day. I'm a big fan of what I call 'happy' upbeat music like this.

Another song I heard for the first time on the radio a while ago. Radio One is my new fave thing since I started driving to work everyday. Bloody love Grimmy. I love this song so so much. I even like the Kanye bits, and that's a big deal because right now I think he's the biggest toolbag, but that's another story! I fully get into singing this song when I'm driving along. Yeah I'm that crazy person you see at the traffic lights thinking they're onstage at the O2.

I didn't really pay much attention to this song in particular when I heard it on the album a couple of months ago, but since I've heard it on the radio I love it. Me and Luke had a little dance sesh to it the other night on the landing because we're just that cool.

Maroon 5 are just immense aren't they. The songs are so catchy and this one has definitely caught me. At work I listen to Spotify and while everyone else is sitting there just quietly listening to their music, I'm full on mouthing the words and wiggling in my chair. This is one of those songs that does that to me. Suuuugarrr, Yes Please!

So there you have my current fave songs! I used to have a 'Friday Song Day' on my blog when I first started it and I do quite miss having some sort of music element on here because I love music so much. Maybe I'll make this a monthly feature? I promise it will have better pictures though! What are you currently listening to? I'd love some recommendations!

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Friday, 27 February 2015


nikehightops6 nikehightops2 nikehightops11 nikehightops5 nikehightops9 nikehightops4 nikehightops8 nikehightops3 nikehightops7 nikehightops1 nikehightops13
tshirt - PRIMARK
cardigan - H&M
hat - NEW LOOK
high tops - NIKE

I'm actually in love with every item in this outfit so I had to roll it all into one look! 
I try and pair this fedora with everything at the moment because I feel like it goes with so damn much! The only reason I don't put it on sometimes is because I think people will think 'not that bloomin' hat again!' 
Topshop Jamies are my new fave jeans officially. I only own two pairs and this definitely needs to change ASAP! I used to be in the Leigh club but I always found myself pulling them up. That problem never happens with Jamies because they're high waisted. My jeans prayers have been answered. I'm totally lusting after a grey pair so they may have to happen soon seeing as it is pay day!
I've wanted a long cardigan for ages and when I spotted this one in H&M I knew it had to be mine. If only they did it in more colours and then I could buy it in 6 colours like my fave cardigan of all time from H&M. When I like something and it only costs £7.99 it's hard for me to restrain myself when I spot it in new colours. At current check I have it in grey, black, white, red, green and light blue.
These Nikes are my new trainer love. If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I had the option of two colours (there were 4 in the shop but I narrowed it down to 2), and me being me I couldn't decide so I just bought both! Keep your eyes peeled for the khaki pair which will probably be appearing soon on the blog.
Finally we have my Sons of Anarchy t-shirt from Primark. Jax Teller I love you. That is all.
Happy Friday everyone!

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Thursday, 26 February 2015


longlineblazer7 longlineblazer3 longlineblazer4 longlineblazer2 longlineblazer6 longlineblazer1 longlineblazer5 longlineblazer8
blazer - ASOS
shirt - ASDA
shoes - PRIMARK

I said I was going to do 5 posts a week Mon-Fri and I've already missed on yesterday. What can I say, I got too wrapped up in the Brits! That Madonna fall was just awful wasn't it! 
As I failed to put up a post yesterday I'm gonna try and get one up on Saturday instead so watch out for that!
Just a short and sweet post today as I'm about to get my hair trimmed by my mum. I seriously need to find a cheap but good hairdresser asap! I just don't wanna pay loads for a haircut when I'm barely getting anything done, I ain't about paying £50-£60 to get me ends trimmed! Is that just me? What do you consider a fair price for a haircut?

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


denimstripes6 denimstripes2 denimstripes9 denimstripes8 denimstripes5 denimstripes1 denimstripes4 denimstripes3 denimstripes7
top - ASOS
boots - MATALAN

The denim dress obsession starts here thanks to Miss Selfridge. As a result of two of their recent emails I have bought two denim dresses from them and can already feel myself itching to find another one I like.
I think this one will be lovely in the Spring with bare legs but for the Winter I thought I'd better layer it up a bit. As my new ASOS polo-neck top had just arrived in the post that morning I decided it was the perfect partner for my new denim dress! 

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Monday, 23 February 2015


khakitrousers10 khakitrousers6 khakitrousers11 khakitrousers4 khakitrousers8 khakitrousers3 khakitrousers1 khakitrousers15 khakitrousers2 khakitrousers5 khakitrousers12
trousers - TOPSHOP
jumper - H&M
shirt - ASDA
shoes - TOPSHOP
sunglasses - QUAY
necklace - MISS SELFRIDGE 

I've decided a decision. Does anyone else say this or is it just my weird family? Anyway, back to the point. From around August/September I decided I wanted to post 5 outfits a week, Monday-Friday, as often as I could manage it. I was doing fine with this up until the end of January and since then it hasn't gone so well. Working full time I can only take photos at weekends or the evenings, and until evenings start to get lighter there's never any chance of that happening so I have to do my photo sessions at the weekend. 
Then I have to rely on good weather at the weekend, if it's rainy, or too bright or too cold then that's pretty much a non starter. I don't have anywhere aesthetically pleasing for a background in my house with good natural light so I have to do my photos outside.
So that decision I've decided is to reduce my aim from 5 outfits a week to 4, at least until the weather starts getting better and the evenings start getting lighter. Hopefully reducing it by one will make it that little bit more manageable! I still want to put together five posts a week, so instead I'm going to have something a bit different once a week, such as wish lists, favourites, interiors and beauty. If there are any other ideas of posts that you would like to see then do let me know because I'd love to get some suggestions!

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Sunday, 22 February 2015



I've done rather a lot of clothes, shoes and bits and bobs shopping over the past few weeks. So I've gathered it all together into a massive haul video! It's quite a long one because I do ramble on sometimes so set aside half an hour if you fancy seeing what I've been spending my money on! Either watch below or head over to my YouTube channel -

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Thursday, 19 February 2015


pinstripe10 pinstripe5 pinstripe9 pinstripe6 pinstripe3 pinstripe12 pinstripe1 pinstripe8 pinstripe2 pinstripe11
trousers - RIVER ISLAND
jacket - ZARA
tshirt - TOPSHOP
necklace - ASOS
shoes - TOPSHOP

I'm kinda liking the whole tailored trousers thing at the moment. Up until recently I pretty much only owned and wore jeans in the trouser department, but after investing in a few pairs of tailored trousers I think I'm coming round to them! Especially baggy ones like this that allow lots of wiggle room!
These photos were so hard to edit because they were really over exposed, hopefully they've come out ok! I cannot wait to actually take some photos this weekend and have time to check them properly before I finish the photo sesh instead of having to run off to work!

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