Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015!

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As it is now 2015 I thought I would go back and check on my aims and resolutions I made on this little blog last year and see if I had fulfilled them, and make some more for the New Year! I think its a nice way to reflect on the past year and think about my hopes and goals for the upcoming year so I think this is going to be an annual staple post! So without further ado here are the goals I set myself last year and how well I lived up to them;

- Find a job 
Well it took me most of the year but I did it! In December of 2014 I started my first full time job since finishing uni. 2014 really was a year of ups and downs for me in terms of jobs and working, I started the year on a couple of huge highs after seeing my name in OK magazine for a shoot I assisted on, and scoring a great internship. However after this internship ended 3 months earlier than expected I felt quite lost and couldn't seem to find anything in the career I wanted so I ended up spending most of the year feeling rubbish about work and my abilities. However a break came for me in November and I ended up getting myself a job in the field I want and I started on the 1st December. So I can tick number one off my 2014 goals list!

- Take a photo a day (do better than last year!)
Right, so I pretty much failed miserably with sticking to putting my photos in the Photo 365 app everyday that I planned to. I probably took photos most days of the year but I don't have a record of this really. So lets just give this one a 'wobbly not sure hand' gesture.

- Less sugar/sweets (maybe limited to weekends? but I cant promise on that one)
Terrible work Robyn, maybe we should just give up on this one because I'm truly an addict.

- Exercise more (emphasis on the 'more', because I just can't commit to becoming a daily/weekly gym bunny)
I joined the gym precisely one week before going on holiday in the summer, went twice and then gave up. Later on in the summer I started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and lasted 3 weeks. I also planned to go swimming, we went once and then failed to do so again. So I tried a bit, but not really hard enough. But technically it was more than I did in 2013 so lets give this one another 'wobbly hand not sure' gesture.

- More fruit & veg (do even better than last year)
I can honestly say I think I smashed this one. I have tried so many new fruit and veg this year and probably had veg with 80% of the dinners I have cooked at home myself!

- Blog more (try to blog 5x a week, I hope!)
I started off the year poorly but I hit my stride by around August/September time and posted a lot more and from September - December pretty much hit 5 posts a week.

- Body moisturise regularly (because once a day is too much like hard work)
Big fat fail.

- Keep up a proper skincare routine
Double big fat fail.

- Continue YouTube-ing
Yes! I totally did this one.

- Move into my own place
With being unemployed for the majority of the year, this was never going to happen sadly.

- Give more compliments
I'm not sure if I did this one, I hope I did. I commented nice things on blogs a lot more if this counts?

- Participate in some form of fundraising event
I'm proud to say that I participated in a charity midnight walk for the hospice that looked after my dad so I am really pleased with completing this one.

Overall I don't think I did too badly! And now I guess its time I set some new goals and aims!

- Blog 5 times a week
- Upload a YouTube video once a week
- Make a Project Life scrapbook (after seeing Lily Pebbles video about them I really want to get started on one!)
- Get some damn exercise! And look after myself a bit better i.e. more water
- See more of the world
- Read more
- Participate in another charity event 
- Put more effort into participating in the blogging/youtubing community
- Cook more/learn to cook more

Fingers crossed I do well this year! Have you set yourself any goals/aims for 2015?

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  1. Loved this post babe! Such a great idea to look back on your goals, I think I may well copy you here!
    Massive congratulations on the job sweetie, SO exciting!


    Thanks also for your seriously lovely comment on my blog, really means a lot you little love! xo

    1. Thank you! And you are very welcome babe! xx

  2. Fabulous post, good luck with your new years ventures. I need to exercise more too hahah xxx


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