Wednesday, 28 January 2015


greentrousers9 greentrousers2 greentrousers6 greentrousers3 greentrousers8 greentrousers1 greentrousers4 greentrousers1 greentrousers7
jumper - RIVER ISLAND (very old)
trousers - ASOS
shoes - PRIMARK
necklace - RIVER ISLAND

It's official, I'm obsessed with trousers. Up until last year I didn't really own anything for the leg region other than jeans or leggings, and all of a sudden I decided I needed trousers in my life. Now I'm constantly looking for new trousers. Especially ones that I can justify by wearing them to work.
The only problem I have is I absolutely despise the way trousers bunch up at my ankles because my legs are always too short for them. I hate the way it looks. As a result most trousers I buy have to be shortened in order for me to wear them. I didn't shorten these ones before I took photos of them, looked at the pictures of my shoe/ankle area afterwards and hated how they looked so much I didn't include any of those photos! Safe to say these have now been shortened!

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  1. the pant and shoes are lovely. my new post


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