Friday, 30 January 2015


whiteheels8 whiteheels6 whiteheels4 whiteheels10 whiteheels5 whiteheels3 whiteheels1 whiteheels9
shirt - ASDA
jeans - NEW LOOK
shoes - OFFICE

I'm trying to inject a bit of Spring into my wardrobe today. I picked up these beaute white and gold heels from Office a couple of weeks ago in the January sales, a whopping £120 down to £32! That's what I call a bargain! I feel like they are quite a Spring/Summer shoe so I decided to brighten up the dreary January day with a pink coat and lip to go with them. Wishful thinking for this cold weather to be over really. 
I hate how the winter weather never really commits in the South of England all the time. I mean, if you're gonna snow, then just do it! Instead of these rubbish little showers that don't really do anything! Either snow so I can dress like an eskimo, or starting getting warmer and brighter please!
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Thursday, 29 January 2015


bowblouse7 bowblouse2 bowblouse6 bowblouse1 bowblouse4 bowblouse5
jeans - BLANK NYC @ ASOS
shirt - ASOS
lipstick - MAC RUSSIAN RED

I wore this outfit to work this week and spent my day listening to Earth Wind & Fire, Abba and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack on Spotify. It was such a great day, I really felt in the seventies vibe. I think I need to designate a day every so often to decade dressing and listening to music from that era because it makes you feel dead authentic. I know how ridiculous that probably sounds! But trust me, give it a whirl sometime!
This outfit was entirely bought because I saw Megan from Pages by Megan wearing the items. Several months ago I picked up the flares because I saw Megan wearing them in one of her fashion week blog posts. Then the other wearing I saw her wearing the shirt in an Instagram picture. I basically want everything she wears! My ultimate blogger crush of the past year.
I'm also starting to love Seventies style because of Megan. This led me to watching Amy from The Little Magpie's Seventies Lookbook video today at work. It is amazing, check it out if you haven't already! Amy is another blogger I have loved over the past year, everything she wears is just perfect.
If only I could have Amy and Megan's style and wardrobes, that would be the ultimate dream! Definitely two of my absolute favourite bloggers. 

p.s. total attack of the frizzy hair in these photos, don't you just hate when that happens! 

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


greentrousers9 greentrousers2 greentrousers6 greentrousers3 greentrousers8 greentrousers1 greentrousers4 greentrousers1 greentrousers7
jumper - RIVER ISLAND (very old)
trousers - ASOS
shoes - PRIMARK
necklace - RIVER ISLAND

It's official, I'm obsessed with trousers. Up until last year I didn't really own anything for the leg region other than jeans or leggings, and all of a sudden I decided I needed trousers in my life. Now I'm constantly looking for new trousers. Especially ones that I can justify by wearing them to work.
The only problem I have is I absolutely despise the way trousers bunch up at my ankles because my legs are always too short for them. I hate the way it looks. As a result most trousers I buy have to be shortened in order for me to wear them. I didn't shorten these ones before I took photos of them, looked at the pictures of my shoe/ankle area afterwards and hated how they looked so much I didn't include any of those photos! Safe to say these have now been shortened!

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015


bluevans7 bluevans4 bluevans2 bluevans6 bluevans3 bluevans5 bluevans1 bluevans9
shirts - VINTAGE
trainers - VANS OLD SKOOL
socks - ADIDAS

Going for a completely laid-back, blue-shades style today. I have been meaning to get my blue vans on the blog for a while now, and this is the outfit that I ended up styling them into. I also popped on my adidas socks Luke got me for Christmas. I've seen them so much over Instagram and Pinterest and really wanted some but I wasn't sure what to wear them with, I think I'm going to keep trying them out with things because I'm not entirely sure what I think of them in this outfit.
I also found a new location to take photos outside my local leisure centre for a bit more of a gritty concrete background. There aren't many different types of backdrop where I live so I have to really search to find different things. I try to not have the same backgrounds all the time, but needs must you know. Especially in this cold weather, driving around looking for places to shoot isn't the easiest when the light's fading and its about 1 degrees celsius outside. So my apologies if my backgrounds are the same a lot of the time, I'm always trying to scout new ones though!

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Monday, 26 January 2015


creamcami9 creamcami5 creamcami4 creamcami6 creamcami3 creamcami2 creamcami8 creamcami1 creamcami10
camisole - MATALAN
cardigan - borrowed from my mum
hat - NEW LOOK

Seriously, I feel like so many of my blog posts recently have said 'borrowed from my mum' in the list of clothing sources. I think I need some new knitwear in my life instead of raiding my mums all the time.
The silky cami is one of my Christmas presents from my mum which I now own the green, blue, and this one. There's something so luxurious feeling about this fabric, and I feel like they look that little bit nicer than a jersey cami. I really want to get some silky pjs now too!

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Friday, 23 January 2015


sarcastic7 sarcastic5 sarcastic9 sarcastic4 sarcastic3 sarcastic6 sarcastic2 sarcastic1 sarcastic10
denim collar - RIVER ISLAND
jeans - TOPSHOP
shoes - CONVERSE
cardigan - borrowed from my mum

My mum bought me this tshirt for Christmas, do you think she's trying to tell me something? I paired it with another little treat she got me, this little denim collar. I already had a white one which has been on the blog before a couple of times, and mum kindly bought me this one the other week. I was unsure if these would work but I really like them. They're a great little touch to an outfit, but without the bulky look of a full shirt. 
Other than that I really went for a black look didn't I? I had to bust out my new all black Converse for the first time! I've also been wearing my new Topshop Jamies to death. And I've 'borrowed' something else from my mum's wardrobe, which is really becoming a habit. So there you have my pretty black look!

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