Wednesday, 12 November 2014


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jumper - M&S MEN (really old)
boots - ZARA
bag - borrowed from my mum

This jumper used to be my dad's and I love it because its so big and cosy, I wish I could get it in other colours! Autumn is definitely perfect for oversized clothing.
I decided to pop on these jeans with it because I really love the off white colour of them, the only problem is they're quite long on my short legs. Which is the only reason I don't wear them too often. Another pair for the attack of the sewing machine I think! 
These suede boots are the main reason for this outfit. Does anyone else do this? I pick one item I fancy wearing and then find stuff to go with it and build the outfit around. Today was a day for the suede boots. I've had them a couple of years now and I mainly bought them because I thought they were Sienna Miller-Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boot-esque at a fraction of the price. The only problem is the suede fabric so it has to be a completely dry day to wear them, and thats becoming a bit dicey in Britain right now with sun one minute and a complete down pour the next! Long live the sun! I can only cope with the cold if the suns still out! 

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  1. i love your pullover

  2. I also try to pick a piece of clothing and then buid the whole outfit around it ^_^! the shoes are so pretty!


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