Wednesday, 19 November 2014


airmax1 airmax6 airmax12 airmax5 airmax8 airmax4 airmax11 airmax3 airmax9
coat - PRIMARK
jumper - MATALAN
trainers - NIKE AIR MAX
necklaces - TOPSHOP & a shop in CAPE VERDE

I've been wanting to have my Air Maxes on the blog for a while and they're finally here. I own two pretty similar pairs after failing to take one back. That old trick rarely works does it? 'Oh I'll get both and then decide which to keep and which to take back'. We all know we 9 times out of 10 end up with both. Thats £110 I'll never see again, thanks student loan! ;)
I was trying to think of new locations this week, meaning I found myself on top of Wilko's car park. How glamorous eh! I actually really like it as a background though and its so interesting seeing my town from above. Its nice to get a new perspective on things once in a while.

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