Friday, 10 October 2014


doubledenim10 doubledenim5 doubledenim6 doubledenim4 doubledenim13 doubledenim3 doubledenim8 doubledenim2 doubledenim7 doubledenim1 doubledenim11
shirt - TOPMAN
jeans - ASOS
scarf - H&M
boots - MATALAN
So these are the boots I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm a pretty big fan of them. They're a bit different to all the other boots I own, and Matalan were having a 25% off event, naturally I had to make them mine. 
I also thought I'd give a bit of the old double denim a go. I'm not brave enough for the full nineties matching shades, but this'll do me! The jeans are the ones I featured the other week on here that I chopped off and made shorter, I think they go pretty well with these boots. The shirt is a Topman one thats been on the blog a couple of times. Topman is another one thats worth a look, boys do get some good stuff in, even if they do button up their shirts the wrong way. Happy Friday!
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  1. beautiful outfit

  2. such a cool outfit I like the booties!!

  3. For sure blue is your color !

  4. Nice outfit! You are rocking the Canadian tuxedo! :)

    xo T.


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