Thursday, 30 October 2014


cropjumper16 cropjumper6 cropjumper14 cropjumper10 cropjumper19 cropjumper5 cropjumper12 cropjumper3 cropjumper4 cropjumper7 cropjumper13 cropjumper1 cropjumper17 cropjumper2 cropjumper18
jumper - H&M
skirt - TOPSHOP
boots - PRIMARK

Snuggly jumper-y goodness is the order of the week. I just can't get enough of all the cuddly jumpers in the shops right now. I picked up this one the other day and just think its the perfect Autumn colours, definitely going to be a seasonal fave.
I paired it with this stretchy pencil skirt I've had for a while now to add some more of the Autumnal shades into the outfit. As much as Summer is my fave season and I'm still mourning the loss of hot weather and denim shorts, I really feel like I'm getting into the Autumn mood. I even did a spot of pumpkin carving last night! Are you doing anything for Halloween tomorrow?

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