Friday, 3 October 2014


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skirt - TOPSHOP
sunglasses - RIVER ISLAND
shoes - VANS
I had this whole idea in my head of wearing a checked shirt with a midi skirt and putting a bandana on my head to create a sort of fifties americana thang. But when I tried to put it together it just. didn't. work. Does that ever happen to you? You have this great idea in your head and you put it together or write it down and it just looks wrong? Well thats what happened with this outfit. So instead I chucked on my hugest pair of sunnies, put my hair in a low ponytail and just went with that.
I also donned some matte shades I bought last year from the Barry M range and remembered how much I like them so I think I'm gonna have to invest in a couple more soon. 
In other news its Friday and I'm off to Southampton and Portsmouth for the weekend for me and Luke's 4 year anniversary. God knows how we've put up with each other that long, we just seem to fit right together and I wouldn't be without him. Mushy shizz out of the way, other other news is that on Monday me and my mum/chief photographer are off on a late sun holiday together to Cape Verde which I am uber excited about. All of next weeks outfit posts have been scheduled in advance (I feel so prepared for once!) so I'll still be posting! After I come back be prepared to be inundated with holiday outfit photos, I just want to pretend its still summer in England! Have a great weekend! 

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  1. You look amazing in that skirt! Definitely getting te 50s vibe stil xx

  2. love midi skirts!

  3. haha having outfits in mind and when you get everything together the things just don't go together always happens to me, it kinda sucks :\ but the sunnies and the ponytail definitely worked with the outfit. btw the outfit was on point and I love your style :)
    anyways I nominated you for the Liebster challenge and I hope you can take part in it. if you would like to take part in it you can go to my blog and find the details there,
    anyways have a nice day :)


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