Wednesday, 29 October 2014


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tshirt - NEW LOOK
cardigan - H&M
leggings - TOPSHOP
shoes - CONVERSE

These H&M cardigans are my fave, I own it in white, black, grey and now this red colour. Perfect for a comfy casual outfit like this. I also dusted off the old wet look leggings that haven't been out for a while, I still think they're a good wardrobe staple to add a little bit extra to an outfit rather than just plain leggings.
I also felt like this outfit needed a little something extra in the form of a hat. After digging around in my winter woolies drawer I found this one that I got in the first year of uni and have barely worn. I think it finishes off this casual outfit perfectly. A hat with ears is always a good choice. But Sainsburys may have taken this slightly further with some of their new hats I found last night, see this picture on my instagram to find out what I'm talking about. Is it bad that I actually kind of want it???

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  1. That hat is adorable, definitely keeping my eye out for it the next time I pop into Topshop xx

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