Wednesday, 3 September 2014


birddress10 birddress6 birddress8 birddress5 birddress4 birddress11 birddress3 birddress2 birddress7 birddress1 birddress9
dress (worn as overshirt) - ZARA
dress - H&M
tshirt - ASOS
shoes - CONVERSE
watch - SWATCH
necklace - gift

This outfit was meant to be part of my Spring Lookbook, unfortunately that fell by the wayside ages ago. So instead I thought I'd pop it up on the blog instead. I have worn this bird print dress before on the blog back in the winter, and similarly to this post I wore it open as an over dress type thing (real technical wording there). I really should try wearing it as the actual button front dress that its meant to be! Maybe you'll see this dress appearing again soon!

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1 comment

  1. So stunning!
    Antonella :)


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