Thursday, 18 September 2014


casualtrench15 casualtrench7 casualtrench12 casualtrench5 casualtrench9 casualtrench4 casualtrench3 casualtrench11 casualtrench14 casualtrench6 casualtrench2 casualtrench1 casualtrench8
trench coat - ZARA
dress - ZARA
shoes - CONVERSE

I've wanted a trench coat for a long time and when I spotted this leopard-lined one in Zara back in May I knew it was a good one to add to the collection. 
I wanted to make this a two-part post with a casual way to style it here, and a more dressy way to style it, unfortunately I didn't get the time to take the second set of photos. So the second way to wear will have to wait till next week or the week after. So watch out for that post if you fancy seeing how else I style it up!

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