Wednesday, 13 August 2014


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kimono - H&M
jelly shoes - JUJU @ OFFICE
watch - SWATCH 

Here we are again with another piece of clothing that has hung around in my wardrobe since its purchase last October and never been worn. I seem to do this, think things are a great idea in the shop and then get them home and am not sure what I want to wear it with so it just lays unworn. Anyway, ramble ramble, I'm talking about this gorgeous fringed kimono-type jacket. I fell in love with the velvet-y print on the back of it and now I've worn it I'm wondering why I haven't been all this time. Note to self, wear more of my clothes!
This white top is also something I don't usually wear, I think I've worn it once and that was on holiday last year. But after putting it on this time I decided I actually quite like the shape and fit. Unfortunately Topshop didn't have any other colours to offer me to add to my collection so I popped onto the old faithful ebay and picked up a few pretty good replicas. At only about £4 they were a bit of a bargain, if you fancy one, or a couple like me, I bought them from this seller. I picked up the top in black, navy and wine. It came super quick and is good enough quality for the money.
I also fancy myself some more Jamie jeans after donning this pair too for the first time in ages. My Leigh jean obsession has reached the end of the road for now, I need me some Jamies!

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  1. Every bit of this outfit is perfection. From the faded denim to the classic black and white tops.
    You layered and styled everything to the 9s. And can I just say that I am so jealous that you live in England.
    I visited last summer and fell absolutely in love with everything about it. XOXO

    1. Thanks so much! So happy you love England, as much as the weather is unpredictable I do love it :) x


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