Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Things get a splash more tropical when you

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Jacket - Cameo Rose @ New Look
Jeans - New Look
T-Shirt - New Look
Shoes - Adidas Gazelles

Looking at the contents of the clothes in this post it looks like this post has been sponsored by New Look but I promise it hasn't, so much New Look in one go! The main part of the outfit and reason I wanted to post it is the shoes. I spotted them on Megan from Pages By Megan's instagram and instantly fell in love. I managed to find them for £46 on a website called WellGosh which I was really happy about as they were so much cheaper than I could find anywhere else and they came in the post so quickly! So I will definitely be checking there in future for any trainers I might want. But I think I need to curb the spending on trainers as I'm running out of space to put them! 

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  1. Eeee how jazzy are those trainers! Bargain price too, will definitely have to check out the website :)

    Hannah xo | hannatalks


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