Friday, 3 January 2014

New In•

*since Christmas...

First up are these chelsea boots that I've had my eye on for a while, the Office Bramble Chelsea Boots to be precise (in black). I have the Office Dallas Chelsea Boots in brown, and after having them for a year or so, I decided I wanted a black pair in my collection. The Dallas boots in black didn't quite do it for me (picky much), so instead I chose the Brambles. I was given a voucher for Christmas so I was able to get these for less than half price which was pretty good!

The next, rather random, purchase was a pink PS2 controller. I lent my PS2 to Luke's uni house as a substitute DVD player when theirs broke. It ended up being there for a pretty long time, and by the time I got it back, the controller wire had been broken. I hate when people don't take care of your stuff when you lend it to them. Anyway, so I could play two player games like Rugrats Studio Tour (obviously. seeing as I'm a high tech gamer with all the latest gear. not), I had to buy a new controller. I found this pink one, it had to be done didn't it.

Its simple really, I was given a House Of Fraser voucher for Christmas, the Naked 3 palette just had to be mine.

I always buy a diary but never stick to writing my plans in it. But this year it will be different. I promise. Personally I feel choosing a diary is quite individual to the person, I don't like diaries chosen for me, I like to choose my own so I know they are exactly what I want. I'm a bit pernickety like that, oops! I found this Leuchtturm one and decided it was the right one for me. Its one page of dates, facing a page for notes, perfect for an obsessive list maker like myself!

newin5 newin6
I spied this just before Christmas in an art & craft shop and just loved it. So I decided after Christmas to treat myself to it. It is an A5 notebook, but not just any notebook, it has a fashion dictionary in the front with various fashion information such as a brand index, body measurements, care label explanations and more. The rest of the book is a notebook, however the pages have faintly drawn on female body outlines, ready for you to draw designs onto. So you can use it as a normal notebook and write over the outlines, or use the outlines to jot down any clothes ideas. Since getting my sewing machine last year I feel like I want to make lots of things, so I thought this would be perfect for jotting down little ideas for things I want to make! You can buy the fashionary notebook here, it also comes in a male outline version too.

The final purchase was the Topshop sequin present jumper. I wanted it when I saw Michelle Keegan in it, but I wasn't willing to shell out £50 for it. Thanks to the Topshop sale, I paid half that. My only sale purchase this year, but it is a rather lovely one!

Have you been shopping in the post-Christmas sales? Happy Friday!


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  1. Ooh I love the look of that jumper. I wish I'd made a few more festive purchases during the sales.


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