Friday, 6 September 2013

Venice Adventures Day One

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Maxi Dress - New Look

In the last week of August me and my mum went off to Venice for a couple of days. We always do something at this time of year around my mum's birthday, you can see my post here about when I went to Paris the same time last year. We got to Venice around midday-ish on our first day, after getting up at 3am, we weren't really up for too much sightseeing so we just stuck to the area near our hotel, which conveniently was just around the corner from St Marks Square. We found the Rialto bridge and saw lots of the famous gondolas ferrying people around. After an early dinner we got a bottle of Bellini and wandered back off to our room, both asleep by 8pm after our early start! I'll post about the rest of our time in Venice over the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled for that :)

Oh and is anyone else still confused how its September already like me? Where did the summer go???



  1. Stunning photographs! Gorgeous dress, perfect for Venice!

  2. so jealous! lovely photos, what camera do you use? :) and the dress looks so pretty on you!

  3. Wow, these pictures are beautiful! You look so lovely! xxx


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