Friday, 27 September 2013

Up Is The Only Way

floppyhat9 floppyhat11 floppyhat3 floppyhat4 floppyhat7 floppyhat6 floppyhat10 floppyhat12 floppyhat5 floppyhat8
Hat - H&M
Jumper - Vintage - my dads
Jeans - Topshop Leigh
Shirt - George at Asda
Boots - Office
Bag - River Island
Watch - Vintage - my dads

Ok so technically I didn't wear this hat out of the house with this outfit but that is only because I bought the hat whilst I was in town wearing this outfit. I've been lusting after a floppy hat for ages but haven't seen one I liked until now, and I bloody love this one. My mum says I just need to actually wear it because I buy trilby and bowler type hats but then never wear them because I always think its looks over the top. This one is too much of a beauty to hide, so I'd better start styling up some outfits to wear it with. Speaking of my mum, she has officially become my new blog photographer, after her first try at it for my Groombridge Place blog post I think she's a winner. The boyf Luke complains far too much and won't put up with me asking him to do a few more shots because I don't like the ones he's taken, whereas mumma bear puts up with all of that and even wants to take more photos than I do. So mum, you're hired! 


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