Thursday, 31 January 2013

To hat or not to hat?

Jumper: Urban Outfitters
Polo Shirt: George Asda
Jeans: Topshop Leigh
Boots: Office
Watch: Vivienne Westwood
Hat: H&M

I'm very undecided about this hat. I've had it for ages but never had the guts to wear it outside. I put it on sometimes and think it looks nice, but then take it off before I leave the house because I'm worried it doesn't look right. Today was another one of those days, but this time I actually wore it out of the house. Shock horror. I think I need to start wearing it more often because I actually quite like how it looks. Also I want to show off my new boots, I love them. And they're surprisingly comfy, I thought they would be quite stiff to begin with but they're so soft and lovely. Somehow I need to figure out a way of affording them in black too! *finds credit card* ;)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Annie Hall

Movie Number One. (see this post for an explanation)

The book says that this was the most celebrated film of 1977, won four Academy Awards and was a critical and commercial success. It is described as a 'modern screwball comedy'. I had heard of this film after researching about fashion in film in my second year of university as the character Annie Hall was said to be a great fashion inspiration in the film. So I thought I would give it a try.
I have to say, I wasn't bowled over. I was expecting it to be witty, the fashion to be great, and by the write up, a bit of a love story. Throughout watching this I felt awkward, you know when you're watching an awkward situation on TV, and it makes you feel awkward, I felt like that. The character Woody Allen plays is so neurotic and anal about everything that it just really frustrated me. I felt like at the beginning the love story was quite sweet as they were both equally awkward, but as it progressed I just found it more awkward on his behalf, and not endearing whatsoever. Also, there is a strange narrative in this film whereby the characters see flashbacks of Woody Allen's character's past, and the characters themselves stand in the scene and watch it, I thought that just seemed weird and random. And if you ask me, the clothes weren't exactly fashionable. Maybe I just didn't get it, the write up in the book spoke a lot about pop culture and relevance to the time it was made, so maybe because I wasn't born in the 70s I just didn't get it.
I like a film to create an emotion in me, make me feel drawn to the characters, or leave me thinking about it for ages afterwards, this film did none of that for me. I wouldn't say it was a bad film, but I wouldn't say it was a good one, in my personal opinion. Clearly a lot of other people think differently to me seeing as it won so many awards. Basically, I wouldn't watch it again, but I wouldn't advise others not to. I'm completely indifferent to it.

Lets hope the next film I choose from the book is something I feel a bit more strongly about! :) 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Shoe Lustings

1 - Zara Black Slingback Heels
2 - Adidas Gazelles
3 - Zara Leopard Print Tassel Moccasins
4 - Office Black Chelsea Boots
5 - New Look Brown Tassel Cowboy Boots

At the moment I'm currently lusting after all these shoes. In particular the Adidas Gazelles and the black chelsea boots. I've wanted black chelsea boots for so long but I can't find a pair that are 'just right', the best I can find are these Office ones, shame I just ordered the same boots in brown so I can't really afford to get the black as well! I also really badly want a pair of Adidas Gazelles, I either like these ones or the black and white ones. I did want Nike Blazers but because everyone has them, I don't want them anymore, cue me finding another trainer to lust after. If only some would turn up in the boyf's Adidas outlet store so he could get some for me! Wishful thinking.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Beautiful Books

These are the books I was lucky enough to be given for Christmas. I got three from the boy, one from my nan, and two from my mum. I just wanted to post about them because they are such lovely books and I'm really grateful. In particular I love the Lauren Conrad book because I already have her style book and this one is lovely too. I'm a big Lauren Conrad fan so that helps. Its got all kinds of things in it to do with beauty, from skincare to makeup. All in all I really like it! Another favourite is the Hollywood Costume book that supports the exhibition that was at the V&A recently. Unfortunately me and my mum didn't get to the exhibition as we planned to go in January but when we looked to book over the Christmas period every single day was booked up! So instead my mum got me the book. The other day I spoke about how much I love films so this book is great for me. I love all of the other books but I just wanted to pick these two out to mention. I do love a good hardcover book with beautiful pictures inside. When I have my own place I'm going to need a massive bookcase for all my coffee table type books, fashion books, and copies of Vogue!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Third Floor

Shirt: George at Asda (children's schoolwear ;))
Jumper: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Hollister
Boots: H&M
Necktie: Ribbon from Fabricland
This past two weeks has been pretty amazing for me, I found out I have firsts for both of my projects I've handed in so far for final year at uni, and I've been chosen to work on the Third Floor publication my uni produces each year. This publication is created by final year fashion students as their final major projects, so I put in a proposal to be responsible for the social media aspect of it and I was chosen to do it. So I'm a very happy bunny right now! Just got to hand in my dissertation on Monday and then I have to work on Third Floor with 7 other students for the rest of my time at uni (until May). So its all very exciting and this is the outfit I wore to the first Third Floor meeting, so I wanted to post about both at the same time. Hopefully we make a great issue of the publication and I can share all of it on here!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nail Art

Nail tools - ebay
Nail Polish - Barry M - Mushroom & Matt White
A few weeks ago I saw some tools like this on Sprinkle of Glitter Louise's blog in this post and I decided I wanted to try out some tools like that for myself to ease me into a bit of nail art. So I ordered these tools from ebay for £1.99 inc P+P (that was the price when I bought them, but I think it has increased a bit since then). Bit of a bargain if you ask me. The photo of my nails is just a generic dots attempt but it was my first go, so I thought I'd try something simple, I'm going to try something more adventurous next. I did try a bow on my thumb but it went horribly wrong! I really like these and I definitely recommend them as a cheap way of changing up normal plain nails :)


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

University Living

(warning long and picture heavy post!)
Now that it's coming to the end of my university life (my god how that has flown by), I'm realising the fact that I will have to move back home with my mum until I can find a job to make enough money to rent my own place. Now I've spent 3 years living away from home whilst at uni so going home to live with my mum again literally fills me with dread. Not because she's an awful mum or we don't get along or anything like that (she's the best), I just feel like its the time in my life where I'm ready and excited to have my own place. But for now I thought I'd reflect a bit on where I've lived at uni.
Whilst being at uni, I have lived in 3 different places. In first year I lived in halls of residence, and in 2nd and 3rd year I have lived in 2 different student houses. Each of these places has definitely been an experience, and if you get the chance to do it, then I would really recommend it, because it opens your eyes to people you wouldn't expect to live with, and student living really makes you appreciate nice housing when you have it!
Looking back over my 3 years, I would have to say first year in halls of residence was my favourite year in terms of living. By the end of the year I kept saying I hated it and wanted to leave, but looking back, it was the best time. My halls were separated into 3 blocks, with around 8-10 floors per block, and 2 'flats' per floor. The number of people in each flat also varied between 7-10 (roughly, I cant remember exactly). I loved my flatmates. Completely different people than I'd ever met before, but all so lovely and fun. Our halls was good because it had ensuite facilities so I had my own shower, toilet and sink. My flat shared a kitchen, but it was cleaned and the bins emptied daily by cleaners so we were very lucky. My room was small, but fitted everything I wanted into it. My friends were always around and just across the corridor, nights out were good because we just walked up or downstairs to each others flats, it was secure, theres an almost camaraderie between people that are in the same halls of residence, and it wasn't too far from uni. I never knew I had it so good. Fair enough there was the bad parts like silver fish (if you don't know what they are then google it, most students will know haha). But the good parts completely outweighed these in the long run. If you go to uni and have the chance to go into halls, I would highly recommend it. You meet some completely new people, and have an amazing life experience (if you're anything like me anyway).

My room in halls of residence
My desk area in halls of residence
My en-suite in halls of residence
Second year on the other hand had so much promise and fell way below my expectations. I didn't want to separate from 4 of my flatmates from first year, so that started us off as a group of 5. Then two of them added two more people to our group, making us 7. Quite a big group to find a house, but we did, an 8 bedroomed one, so we added an 8th person into the mix. This then ended up being a 9th and 10th as one of the bedrooms had 3 different occupants throughout the year. The house was beautiful, I had the most enormous room you have ever seen for a student, it had a huge garden and was just amazing. My experience there however was not. Due to my room being so huge with ridiculously high ceilings, throughout the entire winter my room was about twice as cold as the rest of the house. Cue me spending my days in tshirts, hoodies, jogging bottoms, majorly thick socks, a dressing gown, a scarf, and fingerless gloves, often all that even whilst in bed. It was ridiculous. The state of the house was also a problem, it was constantly disgustingly dirty, bin overflowing, mouldy dishes adorning the kitchen counters, dirty plates and mess covering the living room. Not my cup of tea, I'm not the roughing it type of student. I resorted to ready meals I barely had to cook, and by the end of the year a microwave, kettle and toaster in my room. Drugs were also a problem, something I have no time for whatsoever, but I wont go into that too far. All in all, not good. If you're moving into a student house I would recommend really thinking about who you're going to live with and if they really are the type of person you can commit to a year of your life living with. Don't jump in too quickly. I left that house sad and desperate to leave, not something I expected at the start of the year. Also 8 people houses aren't really a good idea if you ask me, too many personalities clash. Don't go into a house that big unless you all really get on well, or expect differences of agreement and most likely a lot of mess! Oh and just as a note, in the pictures below, I added most of the furniture to my rooms, all I was given was a bed, desk, wardrobe, and chest of drawers.

My bed and sink area in second year student house
My window and dressing table area in second year, where the mirror and chest of drawers are I actually ended up having a small sofa there instead from about halfway through the year but I can't find any photos of it!
My TV area in second year
My desk area in second year, I added a bookcase to the right of the desk halfway through the year
My door, wardrobe and chest of drawers area
As you can see, my room is second year was ridiculously huge for a student! I had so much in there and I was truly lucky to have such a lovely big room, unfortunately it was just a very unhappy place for me.
This third and final year has been a complete turn around for me, I'm in a 4-bed house with one of my original flatmates from halls, my friend from my course, and another guy we found to live with us. Here  I am so happy. It feels like a home, not a ridiculous mansion you get lost in like before. Its like a little family, I love my housemates. Moving here was the best decision I could have made. Im not a girls girl that has a million girl friends they can't live without and spend all their time with, so 2 guys and 2 girls is the perfect mix for me. My room is big and lovely, but not ridiculously big, it feels safe, I don't dread coming here like I did with my house last year, and I love hanging out with my housemates. My room feels like a room rather than a studio flat! Its also closer to uni and town so thats a big bonus. Overall a good year so far.

My third year room
My wardrobe and shelves area in my third year room
My cupboards, wardrobe and TV area of my third year room
So that is my experience so far of university housing. A bit of a mixed bag, and I wish I'd appreciated first year more while I had it, oh for the days of my own shower! Before anyone goes to uni, I'd say try to get into halls because its a great way to make friends outside of your course, and its an experience like no other. Then once you're moving into a student house choose wisely who you're going to live with, because you don't want to be regretting it in the middle of the night when bass is pumping through your ceiling and you're putting a towel at your door to stop the smell of weed coming in (true story), unless you're into that sort of thing! University is great so if you're going or are already there enjoy it while you can, because it will soon be over and the real world will hit you, something imminent for me and I'm terrified! :)

p.s. sorry for the poor quality of the first photos, they were just taken on my phone. And I know I'm very messy and have a lot of stuff! I decided not to tidy up before I took photos of my room now because that wouldn't be a true reflection of how my room is everyday haha. Oh and I like a lot of posters, photos and cuddly toys as you can tell! I'll soon have to grow up and have a mature room so why not pile on the cheesy stuff while I can, because I don't think my boyfriend will want an Aston Merrygold poster in the bedroom when we hopefully live together in a year or two!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Holy Grail Mascara

Lancome Oscillation Mascara

When it comes to makeup, I'm don't have much knowledge. I don't try all different brands and products, I don't tend to buy copious amounts of make-up (well until this past year anyway when I decided I quite like lipsticks!). However the one thing I have tried quite a few of is mascaras. When it comes to mascara I want something that will give me length first and foremost, with some volume, and no clumping. This is extremely hard to find in a mascara.
That was until I found my holy grail. The Lancome Oscillation Mascara. I was first introduced to this when I worked at Debenhams back in 2008-2010. I worked on the perfume area which was right next to the Lancome counter, so I would chat to the make-up girls on there during my shifts. I remember one day I went to the stock room with one of the Lancome girls and she told me about this amazing new mascara being released in a couple of months that vibrated and separated your lashes. Oh yeah, it vibrates! I forgot to mention that part! So when it was released on the counter I immediately bought it, it was £28 which to me felt like a lot considering I wasn't that into make-up. However it was love at first use. Basically you press a button on the end of the wand that vibrates the brush to separate your lashes as you coat them in mascara. Quite a gimmicky concept but I have never to this day found a mascara that matches up. My lashes never look longer than when I use this mascara, or more separated and just perfect for how I want them. Incredibly sadly for me, it has been discontinued (sob, sob, this took me a while to get over!). However I did find that they still stock them in America maybe? I managed to pick one up when I went to New York in June at Sephora (cue happy dance), so I don't know if it is just in the UK or Europe that it has been discontinued. I need to find somewhere to buy them over here in the UK because it might be slightly excessive to go to America every time I need a new mascara (only slightly) haha.
Get it back on your counters please Lancome!

Monday, 21 January 2013

New In: I Succumbed to the Hype

What more can I say? These products are so hyped up and talked about in the blogging world, I just had to get them at some point. I was given the Advanced Night Repair for Christmas, and the other two I bought in the Christmas sales. Hopefully they do the wonders for me that they seem to do for everyone else! 2 or 3 weeks into their use and I'm liking them so far :)


Sunday, 20 January 2013

1001 Movies

Back in June for my birthday I was given this book, I put it on my wish list and I was lucky enough to get it. I love films so much. I did film studies for A Level at school and it really was a toss up between studying a film based topic at university or a fashion based topic. I love how films can take you to a completely different place or make you feel an emotion. There really is nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa with a good film on. I love so many different types of film, from romcom to horror, cheesy to documentary, I am always up for watching a good movie. Film is also influenced by and influences the era in which it is made so I love watching old movies because they're so completely different to the movies being made now. Basically, I love movies!
I have been through this book, ticked off what I've already seen, and put marks by the ones I would like to see first and foremost. Granted there are a lot of films in here that may be hard to get hold of or understand because there are many foreign films, and really old films that I don't know where you would get, but there are so many I want to watch. Some of them are so common and run of the mill that I can't believe I haven't seen them already like Star Wars and Back to the Future! I am ashamed of myself when it comes to these two.
So to get to the main point of this post, this year I am going to try my hardest to watch at least one movie from this book each week, and post a review on my blog with what I thought of it. Sort of like the film of the week posts I have written a couple of in the past, but these will be more about the actual film, and I will make sure I do it each week.
This plan starts this week! Heres to watching some great movies!

You can find the latest version of the book here on amazon :)

Friday, 4 January 2013

"sales" shopping...

As I said in a previous post, I went sales shopping with some vouchers I got for Christmas, but I thought the sales were absolute rubbish. Instead I decided to treat myself to some nice makeup. I don't own any high-end foundations so I decided seeing as I had the vouchers to use, I would take full advantage and invest in a nice foundation. I decided to go for the Laura Mercier Silk Creme after hearing some of my favourite bloggers rave about it including Lily of, Kate of and Tanya of In the summer I bought the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser after another of my favourite bloggers, Anna of, raved about it. I bought it in the Space NK store in Bluewater and was matched up to the shade Nude. However, when I got it home and put it on my whole face, I looked horrifically orange and the shade did not match me at all. I was very disappointed and it has ended up sitting in my drawer unused ever since, such a waste of money. So this time I went to the Laura Mercier counter in John Lewis. I told the girl about all of this and said I only wanted to buy if I was exactly sure it was the right shade for me. So for the first time ever I was properly matched up to a foundation in a department store. She took all my makeup off (eeeeek!) and tried several different shades on me before settling on the shade Soft Ivory, which I think is the palest shade they do? Correct me if I'm wrong. She also used the Second Skin Cheek Colour on me in the shade Lotus Pink, so I decided "sod it, I'll buy that as well if I've got vouchers". So I came out of the shop a very happy girl. I have used the foundation most days since and I'm very very happy with my choice, its such a good colour for me, a little goes such a long way, and it lasts all day. My mum keeps commenting how much better my face looks now, why didn't she tell me before she thought I looked orange! haha.
The other bits I got were two MAC lipsticks in the shades Russian Red and Rebel, a set of notebooks for my handbag from Cath Kidston, and a refillable perfume spray for my handbag. While I didn't get anything in the sales, I am very happy with my purchases. However, I now have my eye on the MAC lipstick Brick-O-La because of one of my other favourite bloggers, Estée of I need to stop being a student and have more money to fund this beauty obsession I've developed after discovering the delights of blogging and YouTube over this past year!
Also, I've realised how many bloggers I've actually mentioned in this one post, but they're all so good and I love their blogs and YouTube videos, so if you haven't watched any of them before then go and do it now!

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Top: Primark mens
Waistcoat: River Island
Jeans: New Look
Fur: H&M
Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Going to see a pantomime is one of my favourite things about Christmas. We used to go most years when I was little and I absolutely loved it, so over the past few years we've started up that tradition again. My favourite theatre to see the panto at is the Marlowe in Canterbury, which has recently been renovated (partly the reason we stopped going for a couple of years while it was closed). They have a ghost bench gag that they do every year and its my absolute favourite bit, it would take me too long to explain it, but if you go to the Canterbury panto, you'll know what I'm talking about. This year we had a bit of a catastrophe (which happens often with my calamity jane mother), on the 27th December we were half-way to Canterbury when I was told the day was Thursday, cue me frantically looking at the tickets mum had booked as I remembered they said Friday. My mum had only gone and booked for the 2013 pantomime! Then a lot of shouting of "are you joking?!" from my mum occurred with me screaming "why would I joke about this!". In hindsight it was such a funny situation. Luckily we were able to rebook for 3 days later, meaning that my aunty visiting from France could come, as well as my other aunty and uncle. So in the end it turned into a nice little family trip which was very nice.
In terms of the actual panto, it was one of the best I have seen in years, it was absolutely hilarious. What I love about panto is that it doesn't take itself seriously, so all the actors are laughing along with you and taking the mick out of their own tragic jokes. I was in stitches the entire way through. Also, Gareth Gates starred as the Prince, which resulted in an on-running joke that he was Darius (of Pop Idol fame) which was so funny. And I just want to say a massive well done and thank you to Ben Roddy who played Nurse Nellie, he was fantastic!
After the panto we all went for a drink in a pub at the older end of Canterbury high street, so I included a few photos of that because I thought the it was such a traditional looking pub and it had cute decorations.
I had a lovely night and can't wait for next year, and at least we know we have tickets for next year already! Good old mum! haha

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

christmas sales letdown...

Top: Topshop
Leggings: American Apparel
Scarf: Matalan
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Mulberry

One of the things I love about Christmas is getting to wear your new stuff, so when I went sales shopping the other day, I decided to wear some of my new bits. In a previous post I showed my new bag, so obviously that came along with me, as well as my new leggings and shoes from my lovely boyfriend. And as you can see I'm still in love with burgundy so my new Converse are just perfect. Sales shopping didn't go that well though, I had been given some Bluewater vouchers for Christmas so me and my mum headed up there a couple of days after Christmas for me to spend them. For anyone who doesn't know, Bluewater is a shopping centre in Kent, so I could spend my vouchers in any shop I wanted which is such a good gift idea. So thanks to my nan and my aunty and uncle! However, the stuff in the sales seemed to me like absolute toot, all the old castoffs that no one wanted from the past couple of seasons! I was so disappointed. I don't know if anyone else found any gems in the sales, but sadly I didn't this year :(. However, I did pick up a couple of non-sale bits which I will show in another post :)
And its now officially 2013, so Happy New Year everyone and I hope its a good one for you! Time to get started on that pesky dissertation due in at the end of the month (currently crapping my pants at the prospect of 8000 words, send help!)
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