Friday, 2 March 2012

topshop news...

The other day when I went to London with my mum I popped into Selfridges on Oxford Street and picked this up in the Topshop section. I absolutely love this way of promoting during London Fashion Week. The paper was so nice to look at...

I thought I'd share this because I love how this is like a little fashion newspaper. It is a bold way of promoting their contribution to London Fashion Week and how customers can get involved through scanning codes in the paper and watching live stream shows on their website. I also really like the full page fashion images of the t-shirts. The layout is really simple but it is still eye-catching and draws you in. Its just so different to having a standard advert or editorial or magazine feature on Topshop's contribution to LFW. I really like having a written and photographic fashion newspaper, it just makes a change to the standard magazine size, feel and format. I hope Topshop make more of these in the future because I love it :)
Also, I really hate the fact that I didn't blog yesterday, this work-load is really stressing me out and getting on my nerves, especially after the tutor said I had wasted loads of time on a particular bit of my sketchbook. I wish I could blog more, thats so much more fun than this stupid sketchbook right now.

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