Friday, 17 February 2012

Topshop and Nick Knight...

At uni today our seminar focused on fashion film, and then coincidentally this landed in my email inbox just now from Topshop. The video is a collaboration between SHOWstudio, Nick Knight and Topshop to celebrate Topshop supporting 10 years of British fashion, with London Fashion Week now upon us. The film stars Karlie Kloss and showcases clothing from designers that Topshop have worked with over the years. I love this video because I love British fashion, I'm one of those people that loves homemade talent. Out of all the fashion weeks, I look forward to London the most because I love how such a little country can be so amazing and produce such brilliant fashion. Also, Karlie Kloss looks pretty awesome in this video, as usual :)

More info at Topshop 

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