Thursday, 16 February 2012

skinnies and sleeks...

Hoody: Topshop
Top: Topshop
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: Adidas Sleek Series
Bag: Vintage

This is what I wore to uni today, I wore the jeans and top together a couple of weeks ago and decided I liked the combo of them. Styled it a bit differently today with my hoody and trainers, the other week I wore them with a big cream cosy cardigan and nude ballet pumps. I do love these trainers, my boyfriend saw them at work for me and thought I'd like them, I wasn't too sure at first because I hadn't bought hi-top style trainers like this before but now I absolutely love them. At £10.50 as well, you can't really go wrong.  Also spoke to my future housemate today about lookbook and we've decided when we move in together in July we're gonna be each others official outfit photographers haha. I cannot wait for that because I feel like such a dork on my own in my room with my tripod and remote, I need some company in this. Maybe I'll have to ask the boyf to do my outfit photos in the mean time :)

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