Thursday, 16 February 2012

my new love...

Last weekend I was so lucky and got a Macbook Pro. I am literally in love with it. My Sony Vaio that I've had for nearly 2 years is pretty much giving up the ghost. It overheats all the time, makes a ridiculous amount of noise, runs slowly half the time, the screen flickers and now when I pick it up the bottom of it cracks open and you can see inside the laptop, not good. I mentioned to my mum about getting a Mac and she said she'd come down and see about getting one and we ended up doing it there and then. It was a massive decision because its so much money but I'm sure its going to be worth it. I went for the 15 inch because I thought with using photoshop for uni it would be better to get a bigger screen. Anyway, this is my new macbook and I'm love with it :)


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