Sunday, 19 February 2012


Me watching in bed on my Macbook

Love these!!
Last night I went on the Mulberry Facebook page by chance and saw that they were going to live stream their London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012 show this morning at 10am. So straight away, like the dedicated fashion student I am ;), I set my alarm for 9.50am to make sure that I was awake and on the Mulberry site in time. These were the screen grabs that I took of the show, hence the bad quality and the blurriness. I just wanted to show that I actually watched it as it happened haha. The pictures of the F-Row are only the people that I THINK I know who they are, so if i'm wrong then i'm sorry and please correct me :). They didn't show much of the F-Row, I wish they'd shown a bit mores I could have done a bit more celeb spotting. I did spot some magazine editors on the other side of the catwalk that I recognise from appearances on TV shows but I didn't want to include any of them just in case I'm wrong. Anyway I loved the show and all the new styles coming in for next season. I loved all the big cosy furry coats and the autumnal colours (apart from the orange, not a big fan) coming through and the thin waisted belts cinching in the coats to add some style to the big chunky clothing. Obviously I loved the new bag the Del Ray, no doubt that one will be flying off the shelves when it comes into stores. So that was my first live-stream show and it was by one of my favourite brands, definitely worth waking up early on my sunday morning :)

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