Sunday, 29 January 2012

my week in photos #2...

monday: started my new timetable at uni, its so crap! why can't they bunch the sessions together more so we get a day off instead of being in for a hour a day for 2 days of the week! and cooking some sausages for a sausage sandwich dinner, standard student life.

tuesday: went to the slug and lettuce in Portsmouth with my course girlies, had a lush carbonara and a good little shopping trip around Gunwharf. My new jeans from New Look turned up, I supposedly ordered the same jeans in 2 different sizes to see which fitted better. As you can see, definitely NOT the same jeans, even though the labels say they are. Oh well, im keeping them both :)

wednesday: got a new sketchbook to start one of my new projects, this definitely means the start of truckloads of work and stress. decided to stay in and watch the big brother eviction instead of going out, i'm such a rubbish student, in the winter I just cannot be bothered to get dressed up and go out at night.

thursday: bought elle collections from whsmith, £7! when I first started buying it a few years ago it was about £4.50! spent the evening attempting to read some of my work for uni, while catching up on a bit of masterchef, secretly love that programme.

friday: came home for the weekend, this little face makes it so worthwhile, he's just so damn cute! mum got me a lush dominos for dinner, with chicken strippers and the gourmet garlic bread. not so sure i'm a big fan of the garlic bread, tasted a bit weird if you ask me.

saturday: went shopping with my mum to tunbridge wells, saw this shop window and just thought what the hell! haha so freaky. went to my nans for dinner and was looking through old family photos, found this gem of me, rocking the mixed prints even at an early age haha.

sunday: ordered tickets to london fashion weekend with my mum, so looking forward to it. went for the first time in september and absolutely loved it. had a lovely roast dinner made by my mum, really miss those at uni, gotta love a yorkshire pudding or 4!

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