Monday, 23 January 2012

my week in photos #1...

monday: skyping with my mum and the dog haha. reading 'the help', such a good book, just need more time to read it!

tuesday: my new harry potter book turned up 'film wizardry' so spent the evening reading that. watching my vicar of dibley boxset I got over christmas.

wednesday: no uni so spent the day in bed watching my gossip girl boxset. trying to get the hang of blogger and fiddling with the look of my blog (still not happy).

thursday: soton shopping with the boyf, got a new blouse from primark, as well as a skull print scarf, 2 headscarves, a new rimmel eyeliner and clear nail varnish. and ikea times, gotta love a bit of ikea.

friday: trying out my new headscarf on the boyf haha. safely at the boyfs house in pompey, practically a world away from my skanky uni house.

saturday: frankie and bennys meal with my mum and the boyf, cheesy garlic bread to start, chicken carbonara main and cookies and cream explosion to finish. beautiful.

sunday: soton shopping with mum. cheeky subway. navy velvet ribbon and burgundy ribbon to use a neckties, aussie 3 minute miracle for heat damage, and my nivea night cream.


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